*2 days attending course

* PhiBrows Professional Kit

* Online support 6 months after the seminar -Craft Master Pro App

Description of the procedure and basic information,

• Hygiene rules

• The ideal individual eyebrow based on bone structure, physiognomy and Phi proportion

• Drawing of the hairs (initial in inert matter and later in human model)

• Skin problems

• Colorimetry, pigments


• A system of 11 levels, each level contains video demonstrations with a total of more than 9 hours, images and examples.

• After each level your work will be corrected and the Phibrows maestro decides the progress to the next level

• The application is easy to use, you only need a smartphone and internet access. In case of any doubt, support is offered for the use of this.

• Application (for symmetry) PhiApp

• Diploma of PhiBrows participation;

• Obtaining the International Certificate "PhiBrows - Branko Babić Microblading Academy" at the moment in which all technical and practical errors are corrected;

• This Certificate is a specialization, once obtained your name will be inscribed on the Phibrows map. (

• Advanced techniques and continuous improvement of the technique, possibility of promotion and participation to International Masterclass events

• Personalized manual with the theory.

• Limited availability.

• Sustained in Spanish.

• Include alimentation.

Technique improvement course

Content and the topics to be discussed:

1. Advanced techniques and refinement of old techniques.

2. Construction of the eyebrow shape.

3. Male eyebrow

4. How to create eyebrows according to the face; thick and broad eyebrows, thin eyebrows, arched and straight eyebrows.

5. Colorimetry

6. Different types of spin if from the beginning of the eyebrow

7. Tricks that facilitate the work of the technician

8.On successful photos and applications used

9. Marketing and advertising

10. Latex work and human models