The «microblading» allows both to shape and fill the eyebrow at those points where it is necessary, without major aggression to the skin and with a finish that goes unnoticed completely. The secret is the "hair to hair" technique, which allows a more precise and personalized application of the stroke, obtaining a very natural result.

Can you imagine not having to make up your eyebrows for more than a year? That's what you'll get with the "microblading", which offers a duration of up to two years, depending on the type of skin, the application and the care that each person follows.


I represent Phibrows Academy as Master. For me it all started in November 2015 when I quit my job as an economist to choose to follow my passion - to beautify the face by shaping the eyebrows. Without any guarantee of obtaining it and without economic resources for the course, only my ambition, I chosed this Academy because the shape of the eyebrows made by the Phi artists were the closest to the natural form and in perfect harmony with the face. Sometimes my clients do not know that it is a semi-permanent tattoo and not a hair implant.

I received a lot of information during the course and helped me become the professional of today. MICROBLADING is a skill that is developed through a lot of practice. Once I got my degree I started working with clients and the truth is that I recovered my initial investment fairly quickly.

From zero experiences, in less than 2 years, to win the title of the best Phibrows Artist of the year 2017, at the hands of Naomi Campbell during the biggest event of the year - the Belgrade Master Class Gala.

I hope your dreams come true as mine have and with hard work and perseverance we will advance together in this way.